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About Us

We'll go out on a limb for you. We've been serving Charlotte and surrounding areas for 20 years.

Who We Are

Do you have unhealthy trees in your yard? Do they hang down over the gutters and windows? Is your grass getting enough sunlight? Do you have deadwood making a mess of the yard? This is our specialty! We’ve been trimming and removing trees for over 20 years, we have the big equipment but we don’t bring it in your yard to ruin grass and sprinkler systems and paved driveways. ​


We lower everything down with ease, we go out on a limb for you, your home is our number one concern, the company’s goal is to make you happy! We make sure your yard looks better than before we started, our goal as a business is to make such an impression you call us back, we’re fully insured bonded AND this is why you choose Season Tree Service; the premier tree services Charlotte NC.

Call Today  704-293-7735

What We Do

Too few people have the habit of regularly pruning and trimming their trees. Trimming is mainly concerned with designing and shaping plants, trees, and shrubs in the manner in which you desire. Pruning is used to repair tree damage caused by fungi and molds, as well as other illnesses and ailments.

Many consumers just do not comprehend these services or how they help them, and hence opt out. As with your car and home, trees require proper upkeep to remain in the best possible condition and health. Season Tree Service has arborists in the Charlotte and Gastonia areas who can assist you with any tree service needs.

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