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We prune trees in order to let sunlight reach the homeowner’s grass and shrubs; this in turn allows for them to grow! We also thin out trees to let dangerous winds pass through the tree instead of the top of the tree catching the brunt of the wind gusts and snapping off. We also make sure to eliminate any branches which are lying on top of other branches, we do this in order to reduce friction on limbs and prevent breakage.

Forestry Mulching

Trimming your trees is very important to maintain a clean look for your yard. It also helps to protect you and your family from tree branches and limbs fatigued by wind and friction with other branches. If your yard has overhanging branches and looks unkempt, contact Season Tree Service. Tree trimming may sound like a simple process, but if not done by professionals, the outcome could be disasterous.

Season Tree Service specializes in trimming your trees and ensuring the safe removal of said limbs and branches. Pruning trees/tree trimming can even help keep your trees healthy by removing dead or dying limbs and branches. There are many reasons for tree trimming services and Season Tree Service can help to educate you as to what needs to be done in order for you to have a healthy and safe yard. For all your tree trimming needs simply search tree trimming Charlotte NC, or call us at 704-293-7735.

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Are you having trouble efficiently growing grass in your yard? If so, it’s most likely due to the fact your tree canopy is muffling all the sunlight. Tree topping has many advantages, both for aesthetic value and for safety. Topping off trees is something that eliminates the risk of falling branches from several stories up. High winds can catch branches on the top of trees and either land on your home or on you or your pets!

In order for you to have an open canopy and especially in the Fall when planting grass seed, you’ll need professionals that can correctly implement a tree topping job. We make sure to increase the amount of sunlight that reaches your yard and ensure you don’t have dangerous limbs in the upper echelons of your trees. Call Season Tree Service to have all your trees safely topped off. We will ensure that you do not have limbs collapsing due to fatigue or friction; thus, ensuring you and your home are protected. Simply search tree topping Charlotte NC or call us at 704-293-7735


Tree shaping is a vague term. It implies shaping your trees to the customer’s specifications, but also means that we will remove dead branches, overgrown limbs or diseased parts of the tree. We will shape your trees up both aesthetically, structurally, and in the process we will remove all the cut down branches thoroughly.

The shaping and removal of trees involves the use of tools which are expensive to rent; therefore, it would be wasteful not to call a professional who already has those necessary tools. Also diagnosing what needs to be trimmed and how to properly shape trees is not something to be learned overnight, it is something that comes with experience, which we have plenty of. Don’t try and do this project yourself, simply search tree shaping and removal Charlotte NC or call us at 704-293-7735.

Cutting Woods
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Shrub shaping and pruning are essentially the same thing. The purpose for doing this is in order to reduce overgrowth and lower the risk of diseases. It also helps to make your shrubs more visually appealing. Cutting too little or cutting too much can make all the difference in the world. Shaping/trimming your shrubs also differs from season to season, the most effective time of year to shape your shrubs is when they are in their dormant stage (this holds especially true if the shrubs are ones that produce flowers/buds).

It is imperative to have a professional completely shape your shrubs if you intend to have long lasting, disease-free shrubs. Incorrect shaping/pruning can result in the death of your shrubs’ flowers/buds or their death overall. Don’t ruin your yard’s shrubs call the professionals! Either search shrub shaping Charlotte NC or call us at 704-293-7735.


Rounding shrubs can be a process which is harder than it appears. Overgrown shrubs add a negative appearance to a home’s exterior and are an item that you should keep well groomed. Season Tree Service is the company to turn to in order to round your shrubs for you. Give the work to the professionals, we will make your yard’s shrubs look excellent!

The removal of dead, broken or diseased shrub growth is essential to maintaining your shrubs. Most people do not know the proper way to trim rounded shrubs; that’s why you should contact Season Tree Service. Simply search shrub rounding Charlotte NC or call us at 704-293-7735.

Planting New Trees
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We can provide an often overlooked service, clear cutting. Have you always wanted to have a nice natural area, but it is currently consumed by trees and overgrowth? Call us now and we will cut down and remove every tree! Clear cutting is something that should be handled by professionals, and clear cutting is one of our specialties.

There are many practical uses of clear cutting, unfortunately most people either don’t know how to perform it properly, don’t have the equipment, or both. If you want to regenerate an area of land that is shade intolerant (needs plenty of sunlight), then call the professionals and we’ll be up for the job. Even people installing backyard upgrades, such as gazebos or swimming pools may need clear cutting performed on their property. Don’t do this yourself, you could end up costing yourself more money; call the professionals at Season Tree Service. Simply search clear cutting Charlotte NC, or call us at 704-293-7735.


In comparison to removing trees, the cutting down of the tree is relatively simple. The harder task is the removal of the stump itself; it’s probably the reason you see so many stumps left over in people’s yards after all. It is a task best suited for professionals with the proper equipment to best get the job done. There are many people who may try do-it-yourself techniques, but these are not always recommended. Having an inexperienced person grind down a stump can be very dangerous, so can someone trying to burn a stump down entirely.

Stump removal is one of our specialties, as it is fully related to tree removal, and we recommend going with the professionals. If you have the need for an old stump to be removed and were unsure about your options contact us. We have an array of options when it comes to stump removal and we’ll solve your problem for you. Either search stump removal Charlotte NC or call us at 704-293-7735.

Planting New Trees
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