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Shrub shaping and pruning are essentially the same thing. The purpose for doing this is in order to reduce overgrowth and lower the risk of diseases. It also helps to make your shrubs more visually appealing. Cutting too little or cutting too much can make all the difference in the world. Shaping/trimming your shrubs also differs from season to season, the most effective time of year to shape your shrubs is when they are in their dormant stage (this holds especially true if the shrubs are ones that produce flowers/buds).

It is imperative to have a professional completely shape your shrubs if you intend to have long lasting, disease-free shrubs. Incorrect shaping/pruning can result in the death of your shrubs’ flowers/buds or their death overall. Don’t ruin your yard’s shrubs call the professionals! Either search shrub shaping Charlotte NC or call us at 704-293-7735.

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