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Are you having trouble efficiently growing grass in your yard? If so, it’s most likely due to the fact your tree canopy is muffling all the sunlight. Tree topping has many advantages, both for aesthetic value and for safety. Topping off trees is something that eliminates the risk of falling branches from several stories up. High winds can catch branches on the top of trees and either land on your home or on you or your pets!

In order for you to have an open canopy and especially in the Fall when planting grass seed, you’ll need professionals that can correctly implement a tree topping job. We make sure to increase the amount of sunlight that reaches your yard and ensure you don’t have dangerous limbs in the upper echelons of your trees. Call Season Tree Service to have all your trees safely topped off. We will ensure that you do not have limbs collapsing due to fatigue or friction; thus, ensuring you and your home are protected. Simply search tree topping Charlotte NC or call us at 704-293-7735

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