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How to Take Care of the Roots of Your Tree

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Trees are composed of numerous components, including leaves, trunks, and roots. All of the tree's parts work in concert to keep the tree alive, just as the human body's parts do. Trees require several basic elements to survive: food, which they produce themselves using sunshine, carbon dioxide, and water. If a tree is given an optimal growing environment, which includes adequate soil for its roots, it will grow strong and attractive.

Season Tree Service is a Top Rated tree service company in Charlotte that specializes in residential and commercial tree trimming, tree removal, and tree cutting. We assist your trees in remaining strong and healthy by cutting dead branches, eliminating branches that are in close proximity to power lines, and even eliminating the entire tree when necessary. We meet all of your tree needs, from stump removal to 24-hour storm damage cleaning. In this blog post, we'll discuss some helpful strategies for maintaining the health of your tree's roots. Contact us immediately!


The roots of a tree are what anchor it. Additionally, tree roots extract important nutrients and water from the soil that the tree requires for survival. While the majority of tree roots are short, about six to twelve inches below the ground, they reach well beyond the tree's canopy. Without roots, trees would easily blow over.


Mulch is an investment.

Mulch, an organic material applied around the tree, protects the tree's roots and offers additional moisture and nutrients. Mulch encourages development in the spring and provides much-needed protection from the cold in the winter.

Maintain Your Tree's Hydration

No matter how old your tree is, it is critical to water it on a regular basis, much more so if you are experiencing a drought. Water can help maintain the health of your tree and accelerate its growth.

Allow Roots to Breathe

Roots require oxygen to survive. To allow oxygen to reach your tree's roots, you must allow the soil beneath your tree to dry up, which is why Season Tree Service in Charlotte advises against daily watering. Additionally, avoid compacting soil and mulching too firmly around the base of the tree. You risk mistakenly smothering the roots near to the ground's surface.

Avoid Cutting the Roots of a Tree

When you cut a tree's roots, especially a large or main root, you expose it to insect, bacteria, and virus attack. Additionally, you can stress the tree to the point that it stops growing for a few years as it recovers its root. Eliminating its roots can result in death.

FOR Charlotte TREE SERVICE, CONTACT Season Tree Service.

Season Tree Service in Charlotte will assist you whether your tree requires a simple trim or you have limbs hanging over your roof. Offering storm damage restoration and Charlotte tree removal, we can help you drastically boost the visual value of your home or company. Call us now to get started!

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